How to make stuffed deli chicken breast

How to make stuffed deli chicken breast

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Layout thin cut slices of chicken breast spread a thin layer of mayo Add a little layer of dill Add a thin layer of mustard 1/4 of the mayo

Place deli meat on top that you have a bit of room on each long end for rolling

Place each roll in the pan not touching each other with the end on the bottom

Place in the oven uncovered @350 for 30-45 min

Meanwhile add 3T oil and sauté a med onion in a small pot

After sautéed add a can of mushrooms or a half a cup of mushrooms

Stir in 2.5T flour once stirred in slowly add the chicken soup broth stir untill a little thick

Plate.. I made a brown rice mound flattened a hole placed one roll on it and two beside poured the mushroom sauce on the chicken And baked zucchini and string beans with a little oil

Salt ppr and garlic powder... ENJOY!!! got and qs or comments feel free to leave them

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