How to make a lunch salad

How to make a lunch salad

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First of, we will start with the mayonaise. So take out your egg, rapseed oil, dijon mustard and white wine vinegar!

Wisk the yolk.

Add your mustard and vinegar

Measure up your oil and pour it into a container

Wisk until this consistansy, then add salt and pepper

Set your mayo aside and start with the sallad

Chop up your lettuce, tomato and cucumber

Chop 1/2 of a whole wheat slice of breadinto cubes

Add olive oil, salt and thyme into a pan

Fry your bread cubes until nice and golden

Take a small chicken cutlet and fry it in some more olive oil, add some salt and pepper

Now it's time for some parmesan, chop it into small slices

Chop up your chicken

Add all your ingridients in a bowl and spoon half of the mayo over it, save the rest of the mayo for another sallad, or another purpose.

Enjoy :)

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