How to place an america flag tattoo on your tongue

How to place an america flag tattoo on your tongue

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FaceCraft is a new photo editing app specially designed to create interesting photo arts on the face.

Tap the center camera button to begin

First take the 1st picture, normally it's a picture of the face. You can also select the photo from album or even search from the web.

The select the second picture to blend. Tap on the magic wand button there are lots of images there, if you can't find ideal image there you can also search from the web. Here we picked an US flag.

Tap next and you can pinch to zoom and adjust the second photo.

Use brush and eraser to adjust the edge of the second photo. You can also adjust the brush softness.

Select a right blend mode to make it looks nature. In this guide we picked 'color burn' mode.

We've done! Easy enough, isn't it?

With one tap you can share to your favorite social networks e.g. Instagram.

Watch the video: Rose tattoo - time lapse (July 2022).


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