How to use your stale bread and save flour

How to use your stale bread and save flour

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First Cut your bread. When i have a pice of dry bread i Cut it in small pieces and save it in a jar until the next time i bake. Bevare of mould though. Only dry bread!!

All chupped up

Warm the milk to about 37 degrees

Ad in the bread and let i soak

Mix sugar and yeast. The sugar will melt and it will bevidne liquid. This Works with dry yeast too. Just ad in a splash of the liquid to start it of

Let the sugar and yeast rest till the yeast is activated. When foam or bubbles appear on the surface

Mix in milk and bread, oil, salt and flour.

Ad flour so the dough is just right. Not too sticky but not too heavy. For this i used about 700g and a few handfulls. In the originally recipe it says 900g, so 200g give or take is saved.

Cut in two

Roll out each half and Cut it in 8 slices

Roll into horns

All fits on my baking tray

Brush with egg or milk to get a Nice surface

Bake on 250 degrees for 10min or till they are Golden and sounds hollow when tapped. Enjoy!

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