How to make a plaster model

How to make a plaster model

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1 Buy and use cheap paintbrushes in several measures. After each layer, clean the brush with hot water. You'll notice that after a while, you can't use them anymore.

2 Buy enough model-plaster (powder).

3 Buy fluid latex. This is an expensive bottle!

4 Use and old tin for serving some of the latex for each layer.

5 Take a nice, flat and clean model. In this example I took a model of the human skin.

6 Brush a first thick layer with latex. Let it dry for at least 4-5 hours. Clean your brush in hot water.

7 Repeat previous step for 7-8 times. Even cleaning the brushes very good, latex residues between the hairs will turn into rubber. When your mold is ready, take it carefully from the original.

8 Make plaster in the right way; not too fluid and without chunks. Use a kitchenmixer if you like.

9 Take your new model out of the mold after drying. You better lay it on the table on the backside and just take the rubber mold away. Don't be afraid damaging it; the rubber mold is very flexable.

10 First paint the basic color: skincolor. I forgot to mention buying several colors of paint. Acrylic paintings will do fine.

11 For the real handycraftmen and women: use fine brushes.

12 Choose the same colors as the original, if you like. You can also make a Andy Warhol-like skin....

13 When you're satisfied enough, let it dry for at least 6 hours.

14 Your last job is varnishing the model and ready is another nice plaster project!

15 Once I got enthousiastic about the result, I choose another model. This is an old one of the head.

16 Again, a first layer of plaster...

17 Let it dry for a long time ...

18 After 8 layers,I took the rubber of the original ...

19 Fill the mold with nice plaster ...

20 Result after drying ...

21 Use your imagination for coloring the organs and tissues. You see, I didn't use mine; all the colors are from the original ....

22 Nevertheless, I'm satisfied with my new head! Wish you good luck!

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