How to transform a color-wheel into art!

How to transform a color-wheel into art!

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Begin with 2 color wheels. Mine are 12"x12".

Plan! Think of an icon that represents you, your likes, or an activity you enjoy. Make multiple sketches. Avoid simple shapes. Areas of negative space make it interesting.

Draw the largest circle you can on one.

Cut it out.

Trace it on the other and cut it out also.

You have two circular color wheels.

After you have a plan, cut out one section of one color wheel. *We are only cutting shapes from ONE color wheel.

Draw your chosen shape on the back of that piece. Cut it out. Numbers and letters will be reversed.

Trace that shape on all other sections of the color wheel.

I cut into my color wheel leaving the pieces connected in the center and then traced all. It helps with organization.

Keep up with your pieces from day to day. Folded paper and paper clip work well. I used my sketches as a folder.

Organize pieces by laying them in the appropriate spots on the other color wheel.

Use a straight object to guide you in swapping each colored shape with it's complement.

Example: purple and yellow are complementary colors.


Glue them into position. Just a Dot, not a Lot!

Wow! That's pretty!

Add a black matte for a completed and refined look. I may add a black shape to the sender. Something radially symmetrical, or clock hands...

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