How to create a unique glass mosaic

How to create a unique glass mosaic

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Order a sheet of tempered safety glass from any glass shop. They will often donate a chipped or mis-ordered piece. Bundle the glass in old rags, lay on a tarp and hit in the middle with a hammer.

The glass will shatter in a variety of ways. The main pieces will have a crackle effect. The impact of the hammer produces long shards without the crackle effect.

On a piece of acrylic, glass, mirror or wood get creative with colored paper or glass paint. Here I am using strips of tissue paper glued (Sobo Glue) to a piece of clear acrylic.

Glue the glass to the background on top of the design. I used the strips of glass to make the rays stand out. Just a few dots of glue on the glass shards works best. Too much glue will dry cloudy.

The last step is to grout your piece with a pre-mixed adhesive & grout and wipe it clean. I'd love to see your versions on Twitter or Instagram @ezbngrn. Thank you for checking out my guide.

Watch the video: Stained Glass Scoring And Shaping - Mosaic Tutorial (July 2022).


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