How to know the new features of ios7 beta

How to know the new features of ios7 beta

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If you have your UDID registered like i do, you can install a preview of iOS7, here are the biggest new features.

At first just the overall look is much different

If you swipe from the bottom there are different settings you can change

The notification center has also changed as you can see with different tabs and sort of a glassy look

This tab is where notifications go

If you swipe down from the middle youll get spotlight search, you can also see the reskinned keyboard

The camera app has gotten a few changes too

And in safari the multi tab view looks much more different

When installing an app the progress bar now looks like this

And the xs to delete stuff look as such

The lock screen had also gotten an overhaul

And this is the passcode screen

The weather app actually has a live background now, you can also have live wallpapers and with a panoramic lock wallpaper you can rotate the image by rotating your device

You can also access the settings from the lockscreen

And the notification center from the lockscreen

Thats the biggest changes I can think of! If you want help getting iOS 7 beta message me, i might do a guide on it

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