How to make gnocchi from leftover mashed potatoes.

How to make gnocchi from leftover mashed potatoes.

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Put mash into a large bowl.

Add egg yolks, salt and pepper, mix well.

Add flour 1/4 cup at a time combining each addition well.

Turn the sticky dough ball onto a well floured board and sprinkle with more flour.

Press into a rectangle and cut into thin strips.

Flour a cookie sheet liberally.

Roll dough strips into ropes.

Cut the ropes into approximately 1 inch pieces.

Little yummy pillows.

Shape the gnocchi by pressing lightly to the back of a floured fork, indent with your finger or just leave them square.

This looks authentic at least!

My lazy version.

Put them on a tray not touching each other. This is when you can freeze them. Just place the tray in the freezer, when frozen shake off excess flour and put in a bag! See tips for cooking.

TIPS: Cook the gnocchi from frozen. Simply add to a pot of boiling salted water. Boil until they float plus 1-2 mins longer. Eat as-is or transfer to a sauté pan with butter and fry until golden.

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