How to make a whole roast chicken

How to make a whole roast chicken

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Lets get started!!...before anything lets preheat the oven @ 425F . Now lets gather up our ingrdients.

1 whole chicken washed and pat dry

Oil, butter, onion, potatoes,salt , pepper, oregano,orange, and sausage.

get everything ready before touching the chicken.

Put a little oil on your roasting pan.....

Next get the potatoes ready by getting them washed up...

And pat them dry.

Now place the potatoes in the roasting dish ... you can cut them up or leave them just as they are. im leaving them as a whole. Now get them all cover in oil and seasoned with salt & peper.

Now cut up the onions in thick slices.

Push the potatoes to the side and leave the middle open. Thats were we are going to place the onion slices in a single layer

Season the butter with the salt , pepper, and oregano.

And mash it all up .

Now to the chicken. Rub the chicken with one of the oranges on both sides of the chicken.

Stuff the chicken with the remaining orange

Now make a pocket with your fingers under the skin

And fill pocket with 3/4 of the butter mix and massage to spread well

Next spread leftover butter over chicken .

Place chicken on top of the onions

Place roasting dish in the oven for about 1hr 45min... At 425 F ...Or until juices start to run clear.

Once the timer goes off....Ready it is. A crispy but very juicy chicken and roastes potatoes. The sausage was a last minute thing that i placed in 30 min before the timer went off. Hope you like it.



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