How to make date truffles

How to make date truffles

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This is some sugar and the de-seeded dates :) (there are bout 16 deseeded dates here) as. Have said in the supplies to add bout 2tbsp incase of hard date but if theyre soft so u dont have to add water

So the second step after dee-seeding the dates is to add some water over them and leave em for about 15mins to absorb as much water as they can , take a larger bowl and mash the water and dates :)

This is the result if u add bout 2-3tvsp of water this turned out to be a litlle poggy so i recommend only 2tbsp water :) then u take out a cookie dish and line it with wax or butter paper :)

After lining the paper leave the lined dish aside then melt the chocolate u cna use nay chockate or even chocolate chips to melt and then decorate :) then just dip the balls with the fork in the choco

Once the dates are coated u can decorate them with chocolate chips,confetties,nuts,cocoa powder or even broken rice crispies xD and then after the deco just put them in the firge for about 2-3hours :)

And here are our yummy date truffles :D i forgot to mention coconut :p i had some in my cabinet i rolled the date in it :p and just see the yummy easy to make date truflles :D

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