How to make lactose-free ice cream

How to make lactose-free ice cream

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In a large bowl add eggs, one milk and sugar. Using a wire wisk or mixer blend until sugar dissolves. Then strain to remove "gloppy egg bits".

After straining add remaining milks and mix well. Your choice to delete soy and add extra light coconut milk or whatever you prefer

Add vanilla beans or 1 tsp of vanilla extract if you prefer. Don't forget salt.

Fill ice cream freezer container

Add motor then Add layer of ice and rock salt and fill to top with more ice and top with salt or follow instructions for your machine.

Turn on

When ice melts drain water from bucket add fresh ice and salt and keep going!

Keep going until the motor stops

When it stops remove motor fill ice and salt to top cover with newspaper/bag for one hour to ripen or harden.


Finished !

Light coconut flavor Vanilla bean lactose free ice cream

Full batch less the amount two of us had in our bowls.

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