How to do geisha nails

How to do geisha nails

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Paint nails a light green, keeping your ring finger white.

Here is a great striper :)

Add some branches with your striper.

Here add the bangs. Simply add two curves from the middle out :)

Fill it in all the way if you want. I left some white to look more like hair.

Start your cherry blossoms, and add pink dots with a dotting tool. 3 dots should do.

Fill the branches.

Take a dotting tool, and create her eyes

Take your striper and create lashes

Add white dots in the eyes.

Now her lips. Add two small red dots

Them a small res dot at the bottom center

For her hair flower add a white dot Because the colors won't bounce over the black as well.

Add some white dots around the center white dot

Fill the white polish with Red polish and add a gold dot in the middle

Add pink dots in the middle of the nail and add random glitter dots through out the empty spaces in the nail

Add topcoat then you're done!

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