How to make marinara sauce

How to make marinara sauce

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Gather your supplies. Chop your onion and basil. Press your fresh garlic.

In large sauce pot, heat med-high and add 2 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil.

Once the oil is hot, add 1 chopped yellow onion.

Add 1 tsp Sea Salt to the onions. This "sweats" them while cooking, until soft & tender. Cook for about 3-5 minutes without burning. Turn heat down to medium if needed.

Onions are now tender, so go ahead and add your pressed garlic.

Add black pepper, approximately 1/2-1 tsp worth.

Add in your 2 Tbsp Italian Seasonings (any brand).

A pinch a crushed red pepper for some heat. ( optional)

Now with all your seasonings added, give it a mix & smell the aromas of Italy coming alive. Heating your dry herbs/seasonings like this helps to release their natural oils that deepen the flavor.

With all 4 cans of tomato sauce open, just add 1 can right now.

This is when you will want to add your fresh chopped basil. It's about 1/4 cup worth.

Stir in the basil and it will begin to wilt and soften. Then go ahead and add the remaining 3 cans of sauce.

Fill one empty can with water. Swish around each can, pouring the water into the next, until all cans had a turn. (As seen here)

Now take that water & add to the pot of tomato sauce.

Look all your cans are clean & ready for recycle!

Here's your Marinara Sauce. Cook on low-med for an hour or so with lid; stirring every so often. Great for pasta, meatballs, lasagna, ect. Freezes well in air tight containers.

Watch the video: Chef Ken Arnone making Marinara Sauce (August 2022).