How to make a treat ball for small animals

How to make a treat ball for small animals

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The materials you will need are: •2 Toilet Paper Rolls or 1 Paper Towel roll •6-7 inches of Twine

The tools you will need are: •Scissors •Hole Puncher

To add a little creativity, I'm using these shaped hole punchers

Use the scissors to make one long cut across the tube

It should look like this

Cut into 1/2 inch strips

Make sure that the tube looks like this while your cutting it

Make sure it looks like the one on the left, otherwise it won't curl into a ball shape

Once you have all of your strips cut out, you are ready to punch holes into them

Punch one hole into one side…

…and another hole on the other side

This would be the time you punch your shapes into the middle of the strip

Look at the bottom to insure it's in the middle

Once you have your strips hole punched, it's time to put them on the twine or other pet-safe material

Pull the twine through the bottom hole. It has to be the bottom one or it won't turn into a ball

This is what it looks like with all the bottom holes strung through

Start pulling the twine through the top holes. Make sure you pull the twine through the strip on top of the bunch

Once all the top holes are strung through, you can assemble it into a ball

Double knot the end of the twine so the strips can't go up

Now you have a treat ball that you can put treats or specialty hay in. I hope your small pet likes it!

This would also work as a Christmas tree ornament it you painted the strips!

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