How to make a fried rice with a fried egg on top

How to make a fried rice with a fried egg on top

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Here are the ingredients - kimchi, egg, ham, onion, cooking oil (the one covered covered with the green thing), and a sesame oil (the one covered with the yellow thing).

Here are the two more ingredients - sesame seed, and a rice

Here are the materials - big fried pan, small fried pan, spoon, and chopsticks

Now, it's time to start! Cut the kimchi into small pieces and put them on a plate.

Just like the kimchi, cut the onions into small pieces, but make them even smaller than the kimchi.

Here is what it looks like after it has been cut. Put them on to the plate where the kimchi is.

Cut the ham really thin.

Cut them really small just like the onions and put them on a plate.

This is how it looks like.

In the big frying pan, pour the cooking oil around the frying pan.

Ar first, only put the kimchi in.

Fry the kimchi by using the chopsticks.

Now put the onions and the ham inside too.

Fry them just like before by using the chopsticks.

Put the rice in.

Mix the rice with a spoon so the rice' color changes.

After, pour the sesame oil around the food.

Well, now it's a time to fry the egg. Get the small frying pan and do the same thing what you did for the big frying pan. Pour the cooking oil around the frying pan them crack the egg and out it in.

Wait until the egg gets fried. If it's fried flip the egg over with the spatchula.

While the egg is getting fried on the other side, pour sesame seed around the rice.

Well, now I guess it's time for you to enjoy! Thank you!

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