How to create chic rocker nails

How to create chic rocker nails

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Paint thumb blue; index finger half back, and half blue; middle, and ring finger black; and your pinky black with a white tip that looks like the top of a heart.

Take a Striper and create 3 black lines.

Add 3 more on the side, connecting to the previous lines.

Now complete the rest of the weave design by adding vertical lines from top to middle.

Next take gold polish, dip your dotting tool in the polish, and create a half a heart.

Complete the other side.

Do these down the nail

Next add topcoat to the middle finger.

Take micro beads for caviar nails, and make a line down the middle, leaving space between each bead.

Here are the micro beads btw :) found at any craft store.

Add a second line of beads in the order where they are not parallel to the first set, but parallel to the space between the beads.


Add plenty topcoat!

Just do a white cross :)

Paint the white tip blue :)

Add micro beads along the top. Don't forget to place topcoat over the area where you will be applying the beads!

Add topcoat (shiny!)

Add shiny topcoat

Now add matte topcoat on the empty side.. See the difference?

Add matte topcoat to the cross.

Add reg topcoat to the pinky

All done!


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