How to make strawberry applesauce

How to make strawberry applesauce

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I had a ton of apples. There were about 700 snapguide recipes I wanted to make, so I bought a boatload of apples, time got away from me and now I'm stuck with 13 apples that just don't look great..

And these strawberries that no one used! I hate throwing away food but these won't keep much longer! What's easy? Apple sauce!

Chop it all up! I used an apple corer/slicer. I did peel the apples too. Some of my apples had already been soaking in the water/lemon mix. Thats not necessary, but it had kept them from turning brown

Put everything in the pot and turn it on high. Stir it up and put a lid on it.

Stir it every 5-7 minutes. At this point I lowered it a bit to a medium/medium-high.

See it reducing in volume.... Good

Okay, when it fully cooked, about 20 minutes remove it from the heat. There's extra liquid but that's good.

Put a strainer in a bowl.

Pour it in the strainer. At this point decide how 'wet' you want your apple sauce. I just let it drain, but you could smash some extra liquid out if you'd like.

Yummy, DON'T THROW THIS AWAY! this is for our bonus recipe! Yay bonuses!!

Put the Apples in a bowl and mash it. It should be soft enough to mask with a whisk. For a smoother texture throw it in a blender. I love really chunky applesauce though.

A little over 2 cups of left over strawberry apple liquid. We're gunna turn this into a yummy topping.

Add it back to the pot. Boil it till it reduces to a syrup. About 20 minutes, stirring frequently.

When it coats the back of a spoon, and you can draw a line in it with your finger, it's done. You could go thicker I wanted to put it in a squeeze bottle. Use over pancakes, ice cream, cake, anything.

I didn't get a picture, let cool fir at least 2 hours, mixing frequently to evenly cool. Add your applesauce to a jar (or a few).

I made this over a week ago and it's holding up great in the fridge, but does need stirring before use. The syrup got thicker when It chilled. It's a great consistency now.

Thanks for viewing this guide, and following me.

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