How to play chinese chess

How to play chinese chess

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Players will take turn going, you try to win by killing each others tokens ( especially the General) while trying to protect your own.

This token is known as the Chariot.

It is located at the edges of the board. There are 2 Chariots for each color.

This token is known as Horse.

The Horses are located next to the Chariots. There are 2 Horses for each color.

If the blue Horse wants to kill the red Horse (which is to the left)it can't because another blue token is blocking in the left.

Your blue Horse can kill the red Horse if the other token is on the right. Like the photo shown above.

This token is known as the Elephant. There are 2 Elephants for 1 color.

The Elephants are located next to the Horses.

The blue Elephant cannot eat the red one if another token is blocking in between. Like this photo.

This token is known as the Advisor.

The Advisors are located near the center, they are next to the Elephants.

The Advisors can only move this square (photo). Its job is to protect the general, which is the most powerful one.

This token is known as the General. There are only 1 General for each color, so you better protect it!

The Generals are located right in the middle. It can only move in the big square, same as the Advisor.

This token is known as Soldier. There are 5 Soldiers for each color.

The Soldiers are places near the River,which is a line that separate the red and green territory.

This is the river.

This token is known as Cannon. There are 2 Cannons for each color.

The Cannons are located near the Soldiers.

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