WATCH: ATM Skimmer Caught in Real-Time by Security Researcher

WATCH: ATM Skimmer Caught in Real-Time by Security Researcher

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Credit card skimmer used to steal card information [Image Source: Edited/YouTube]

While the threat of online hacking mounts everyday, with copious amounts of accounts being compromised all over the world, one place some people may have overlooked is the security at ATM machines. However, as this security researcher found out, not even the physical security of an ATM can defend against credit card theft.

While encryption and security pins go a long way against defending from attackers, apparently, no where is safe to use your credit card.

Benjamin Tedesco, a cyber-security expert, was on vacation in Vienna, Austria when he went to acquire some cash from a local ATM. However, his paranoia picked up on a little inconsistency on the machine. As he peered closer, he notices a bead of glue protruding from the card slot casing. Upon further investigation, Tedesco discovered the casing could be removed, revealing the darker nature about the case.

“I went to the ATM and kind of tugged on the card reader if you will and this literally just popped off,”

said Tedesco to Fox 5 as he showed the ATM skimming device he discovered in Vienna, Austria. He continues,

“As it started to come off, I noticed that there is a little bit of glue residue. Then I realized it was actually a secondary overlay device.”

After flipping it over to examine the professionally looking case, Tedesco discovered wires and sensors designed to steal people's credit card information. The custom made casing is remarkably accurate- almost indistinguishable from the real cover. Fortunately, Tedesco saw a small bead of glue that tipped him off. Despite his fortunate discovery, Tedesco warns there could be signs for greater trouble.

“From what I can tell here, it almost looks mass produced, which could be concerning because there could be a lot more of these out there,”

“If you look [at the device], this battery appears. I haven't plugged anything into it, but the battery appears to be disposable.”

Tedesco contacted the local authorities who he is currently working with to uncover more details about the complexity and scale of the machines.

Every year, millions of dollars are stolen from innocent civilians. Unfortunately, the ruthless thief's responsible have long outlived traditional methods of burglary. Now, with modern technology on their sides, these crooked villains are constantly devising new methods on how to steal money from innocent people. It is imperative that you not only ensure that your banking information is kept secure online, but also in the real world. Always ensure you cover your pin and make sure no one is watching. Also, be sure to check that there is not a cover stealing your information such as the one discovered by Tedesco.

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Written by Maverick Baker

Watch the video: Watch Credit Card Suspects Put Skimmer on ATM Machine in Three Seconds (July 2022).


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